Thursday, September 20, 2012

Naming canes

The Domina with eight canes had names for them all.  Each time she selected one to use the penitent strapped to the spanking bench quivered on hearing  her speak. "The Silver Demon for you" or "Ahh the Fire Dragon will be perfect for this bottom".   The names indicated the high esteem she held for  the canes and drew increased anticipation and fear.

It was a new concept for me and I was impressed. True I do call my two canes Sting and Thud, but that only differentiates the effect they have when they swish down on a peachy bum.  How much more impact they could have if I gave them provocative names.

Sting strikes like lightening, its switchy fine and rapidly  brings forth pleading and complaint. It could be dragon or a tiger, a firestrike or a sprite.

Thud is more alluring. Its heaviness brings pleasure to the moment so that its strokes are welcomed while its bruising effects are only later seen.  I love it more than sting. Its a  lynx or panther, demon or shade.

Choosing names for my canes will take a little time, I want them to have the best.

Friday, September 14, 2012

A woman's hand

The dungeon was in a basement. A dark room painted red, the walls of which carried various metal and leather implements hanging from racks. In the center of the floor a spanking bench was carefully positioned. Chosen to be the assistant at a caning event I circled it taking particular care to note the straps hanging from a number of points and check each buckle for smoothness of action. A long cylindrical case was passed to me and from it I took eight canes to lay out in readiness for use. A wide range of canes to introduce fear and desire in the chests of the malefactors who would soon arrive to receive their punishment. 

One by one they arrived, a group of individuals linked only by their need to feel the sting of a cane upon their buttocks and leave with a heated, bruised bottom.  With some hesitation they  revealed their bare bottoms in turn as they bent over the spanking bench and acted as voyeurs to each others striping. Time and time again I reached across a body to secure the straps and then release them as their punishment finished. Soon they were lined up surreptitiously reaching to soothe sore bottoms.

The Domina turned to me. 

"When you were handed the canes to lay out were you given permission to play with them?"

I looked a little confused by the question but answered no I hadn't been given permission to play with them.

"So why did I hear the sound of canes whistling through the air as I was preparing?"

I turned red and looked at the floor. Looking back up I apologized but said they looked so impressive I just had to see how they felt in the hand.

"That won't do. My canes are too valuable to be taken and used by such a novice as you. You need a lesson in respect. I hope you understand what that means?"

I understood only too well. Nodding my head I softly said I probably needed a spanking.

"You certainly need a spanking and the cane as well" was her firm reply.

I looked down again and considered the chastened group opposite me. It would be embarrassing to climb onto the spanking bench in their view after being so rough with each of them when fixing the restraining straps.

"Hurry up and position yourself"

I moved across to the bench and bent over it. I pulled up my skirt to reveal my panty clad bottom and waited. I was glad my blushes couldn't be seen as the Domina drew down my panties to begin the spanking. 

It was a complete surprise. I had never felt a woman's hand on my bottom before and now as she covered my buttocks with a rapid fusillade of slaps it was the softness of her hands that enthralled  me. I sank into a swoon of pleasure lying on the bench as she carefully turned my bottom red in readiness for the cane.

So soft and gentle was the hand spanking that the cane came as a rude shock. The Domina let the cane teach me respect. Six hard strokes that would bring two kiss shaped bruises to my cheeks over the following twelve hours. 

I pulled up my panties, pulled down my skirt and stood up.

"Have you learned your lesson?"

"Yes thank you Mistress. I will take great care in future to do the correct thing"

The Domina turned to the watching group "You were very lucky indeed to watch that bottom being caned" and they all nodded in enthusiastic agreement.