Thursday, September 20, 2012

Naming canes

The Domina with eight canes had names for them all.  Each time she selected one to use the penitent strapped to the spanking bench quivered on hearing  her speak. "The Silver Demon for you" or "Ahh the Fire Dragon will be perfect for this bottom".   The names indicated the high esteem she held for  the canes and drew increased anticipation and fear.

It was a new concept for me and I was impressed. True I do call my two canes Sting and Thud, but that only differentiates the effect they have when they swish down on a peachy bum.  How much more impact they could have if I gave them provocative names.

Sting strikes like lightening, its switchy fine and rapidly  brings forth pleading and complaint. It could be dragon or a tiger, a firestrike or a sprite.

Thud is more alluring. Its heaviness brings pleasure to the moment so that its strokes are welcomed while its bruising effects are only later seen.  I love it more than sting. Its a  lynx or panther, demon or shade.

Choosing names for my canes will take a little time, I want them to have the best.

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